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Would a Longhair be the right dog for me?

Pets 1Yes, it probably would, but be aware....

These powerful, intense dogs can cover a lot of ground, often several hundreds of yards either side of the handler. It takes a great deal of training to have a dog at that distance under control and working in your team of two. They have been designed to be the ultimate hunter, so they will go off looking for game at every opportunity.

  • They need a lot of exercise - every day, rain or shine.
  • They need a lot of companionship and may become destructive if left alone and bored.
  • On the sort of ground you’ll want to take them grooming takes on a whole new meaning!
  • Yet, they remain the most exciting of dogs to shoot over.
  • The Ferrari of the Gun Dog World.


All gun dogs tend to be good family pets because they have been developed to work as part of a team with the hunter and to show loyalty, companionship and affection.

The only two colours for a Longhair are white and brown - in several combinations.

Coat length overall is one to two inches, but may be longer in some areas such as on the chest, so regular grooming is essential.


  • They are a medium to large sized dog, full of boundless energy.
  • They do require a great deal of daily exercise.
  • They would not be comfortable living in a flat in a town.
  • They have been designed to be intense hunters they will go off looking for game, so training is essential


They all look so cute, but before you take one on remember that a puppy is for life. A well trained puppy is a joy to own but it is all down to how much work you put into its training.

You will have to think "PUPPY" all day long from the time they arrive in your home because anything in their reach is fair game. They don't know the difference between their cuddly toy and an expensive pair of shoes - so beware!

The GLP Club maintain a list of available puppies or any expected litters.

This is for the benefit of enquirers only and does not imply that the GLP Club necessarily promotes the particular breeder or recommends the individual litter.

For further information on owning or obtaining a German Longhaired Pointer please contact the club Secretary Kathy Connor on 01233 861439 or



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